Diagram Description

AWS Aurora is a managed relational database service. It was purpose built for the AWS cloud to make common relational database engines more performant, reliable, and scalable.

In this interactive diagram we break down the components of the service for you to explore and learn about.

Before getting to the details, here is an overview of the Aurora value proposition. As you'll see by exploring the diagram, much of this is made possible by the custom database storage platform that AWS built.

Aurora can provide up to a 5x performance increase for MySQL workloads, and up to 2x performance for Postgress.

Aurora provides easy horizontal read slave scaling. It also automates vertical scaling when you want to increase the size of the database hardware itself.

Aurora instances and storage are constantly being monitored. It provides automatic recovery from a range of failure modes, including disk failure, node failure, and even datacenter failure.

Managed Service
Like its predecessor, the Relational Database Service, Aurora makes it easy to perform common database management tasks. Monitoring, failover, backups, scaling, patching and maintenance are managed by the service itself.

AWS Aurora Anatomy

by Tobias Abdon

Founder & Author